Main Menu with the Yorkshire Burgaire Company

Tyke it Like a Man!

Presenting our main menu with the
‘Yorkshire Burgaire Company’


Yorkshire Burgaire Co

Our ‘Burgaires‘ are proudly made in Yorkshire with the tastiest ingredients. We were almost brought to tears when we created this menu…

So we’ll throw in a couple of napkins just in case you need to shed a tear or two in delight. Even if you order our ‘The Rockafella’ signature burgaire, no one will judge you for letting those tears of joy run free.

We know you’ll love our Burgaires, it’s a love story in the making.

  • Homemade Fish & Chips

    Our most popular dish from the last 10 years is by far our homemade Fish & Chips. Our fish is battered to order in our own recipe beer batter, and served with a basket of chips, mushy peas, and tartare sauce.
    – Two for £10 (£7.25 each)

  • Beer Prices at a Ten Year Low

    Our beer is just as good now as it was ten years ago, to prove it you can get a pint of our award winning cask ale for the same price we were selling it for 10 years ago.
    – Cask Ale £2.50 A Pint

  • Jagerbomb 4 – 4 – 10

    In 2004, no one had heard of a Jagerbomb! – But if we had, we’d have sold you 4 for £10! – what’s 10 years between friends?!
    – 4 Jagerbombs £10

  • Wine Down – Wine of the Week

    Treat yourself to one of our speciality selected bottles of wine.
    – £10


    The Exotic Loiner

    Double Stacked Pork & Chorizo Burgaires –Mozzarella Cheese – Red Onion Relish
    – £7.25

    A Game Yorkshire Bird

    Double Chicken Fillet – Sliced Chorizo – Monterey Jack Cheese – Relish – Mayo
    – £7.95

    Hunslet Five-0

    A taste of Hawaii in LS1 – Our unique bacon Burgaire is triple-stacked and layered with mozzarella and pineapple
    – £7.50


    The original Yorkshire ‘fish butty’ – Fish fillet battered to order in our own recipe Yorkshire beer batter, double-stacked and layered with mushy peas, tartare sauce & ketchup
    – £7.25

    The Rockafella

    Our biggest & most extravagant Burgaire is homage to Yorkshire’s most celebrated nightclub owner – Four beef patties layered with American cheese, gherkins, Kraken rum barbeque sauce, & topped with pulled-pork
    – £8.95

    T’ Only way is Yorkshire

    We wouldn’t try & tell a Tyke how to eat their Burgaire, so make your own! Add your own toppings to any of our double-stacked Burgaires!
    Beef – Bacon – Chicken – Pork & Chorizo – Falafel (v)
    – £6.25

    Veggie – Tha’s Not Right, But it’s OK

    Our homemade Falafel Burgaire is garnished with sweet chilli sauce & red pepper
    – £6.25



    French Fries (v)

    £1.50    Single Portion
    £2.50    Sharer

    Sweet Potato Fries (v)

    £2.00    Single Portion
    £3.00    Sharer

    Cajun Fries (v)

    £1.75    Single Portion
    £2.75    Sharer

    Pulled Pork Fries

    £5.25        Piled High Fries Topped with Pulled Pork, Smoked Cheese Sauce & Kraken BBQ Sauce

    Mac ‘n’ Cheese (v)

    £3.25    Macaroni in a Cheese Sauce
    £3.75    Add Bacon Bits & Jalapenos

    Beer Battered Onion Rings with BBQ dip (v)

    £2.20    Single Portion
    £3.20    Sharer

    Coleslaw (v)

    £2.50    Classic Homemade Coleslaw

    Side Salad (v)

    £2.50    Dressed Mixed Side Salad


    Olives (v)

    £2.50    A Bowl of Mixed Marinated Olives

    Spiced Nachos

    £3.25    With Salsa, Guacamole & Sour Cream



    Classics – 85p

    Monterey Jack – American – Cheddar – Hash Brown – Gherkins – Jalapenos – Pineapple

    Meat – £1.25

    Bacon – Chorizo – Pulled Pork – Black Pudding – Pulled Chicken

    Add an extra patty to any of our burgers for £2


    On Tap

    Amstel, Peroni, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Veltins, Red Stripe, Tetley, Strongbow, Blue Moon, Guinness and Fruli

    Cask Ales

    Cask Marque Accredited

    Changes Daily – Please Ask For Today’s Choice

    Sonnet 43 India Pale, Sonnet 43 American, Ossett Brewery Yorkshire Blonde, Slightly Foxed Brewery Slightly Foxed, Saltaire Brewery Pride, Saltaire Brewery Raspberry Blonde and Ilkley Brewery Mary Jane

    In the Fridges

    New Bottles and Cans Arriving Daily – Please Ask!

    Brew Dog Selection, Anchor Steam, Corona, Modelo, Peroni, Desparados, Becks (Becks Blue), Camden Town Hells Lager, Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Flying Dog, Vedett, Magners Selection and Koppaberg Selection

    Wines & Champagne by the Bottle & Glass

    Please see our separate list or speak to a member of the team.

    Spirits – We probably have it! Just Ask!


‘You’ve Pulled’

  • Pulled Pork

    Pulled pork, with smoked cheese sauce & bbq sauce in a brioche bun.
    – £3.25

  • Pulled Chicken

    Pulled chicken with apple-slaw in a brioche bun.
    – £3.25

  • Med in Leeds

    Grilled halloumi with mediterranean vegetables in a brioche bun (v).
    – £3.25

  • Breakfast

    We serve Breakfast between 11am and 12pm Monday to Friday. Over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, we know you need that little bit of a lie in so breakfast is served between 10am and 2pm.

  • Meal Deals

    Our £5 Lunch Deal runs 12pm till 6pm Mon – Fri. Just turn up, or get in touch & we’ll reserve you a table! Large groups welcome. We also do BOGOF paninis through the week!

I come from Yorkshire in England where we like to eat chip sandwiches – white bread, butter, tomato ketchup and big fat french fries cooked in beef dripping.

Helen Fielding